Divine Ratio

A beautiful Sunset

Sunset, Satellite Beach, FL

If sounds are waves then countless oceans meet our ears daily. Some of these waves are ridden intently by our attention while most are unknown to us like the homeless who inhabit our streets. Our ears are always on. Never do they pause in their reception. Our words, which didn’t exist moments ago, echo eternally to the ears of others. Always they return to us. Think momentarily of the plethora of mundane and topical words one utters in a day, how many people in turn there are living on one street, on a block, in a city, a traffic jam, a nation, a continent, the world… Consider the number & variety of conversations that are underway, internal, external, music on the radio, phone conversations, mp3 players, computers, television, many exponentially multiplied by through media… all simultaneously overtly overlapping and covering the silence of the world. Each of these countless words rings timelessly through the world sharing its spoken intent and becoming a single component in a great ratio of all words spoken. A ratio which dictates the type of world we live in. We yearn for a more peaceful, just and, balanced world yet we still use our old language. We are doing the same equation over and over with the same numbers and are therefore bound to the same answer. If indeed we desire a world filled with the Creator’s intent then we need to abandon superficial talkative tendencies and exchange them for a language that waters the seed of highest potential in all of us. When our words enter at last into the divine ratio where our highest intent is made manifest through our language then it will finally be on Earth as it is in Heaven. This is a sacred task and your are here to partake in it either knowingly or unknowingly but the power of sound and your words is both innate and inescapable regardless. Sound travels far and has great inertia. There exists no pollution like sound pollution. The state of the world reveals to us the quality of our words.


To be considered: what music am I filling the world with? When I speak do I boldly speak from my heart or do I passively assimilate into a conversation? With every sound you release into the world contemplate whether it contributes to this divine ratio. Words of the divine ratio emanate always from the heart, not passively but boldly. If you listen, pause, breathe and accept you will know what to say. Have faith: your words are needed.


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