If I could hold you in my arms I would wipe the sweat from your brow and the tear from your eye. Tomorrow’s triumph shall be sweeter than yesterday’s dream and your heart will once again pound, open and love. You can cease your trembling for there is neither foe nor fight save your own doubt and hesitation. Lay down your so-called conveniences and listen: they are but convenient hindrances. Humanity your greatest moment awaits you still. No bird sings a melody more intoxicating than the bold beauty that exists in your breast. The clock on the wall is wrong as it is always the moment to do what is right. The Age of Enlightenment is no more specific a point than the instance of your recognition. It is the fruit that ripens at the time of your greatest hunger. Your eyes are the eyes of the homeless man, the starving child, the lonely businessman but more so the ambitious dreamer whose dreams are followed by right action. In these eyes the hunger is inescapable and the fruit of your longing more ripe than ever. The only way to grab it is to believe you can.