Regarding Potential

How countless the conversations are that elaborately enumerate mankind’s destructive résumé. This story is well told and available in every language. Let’s begin to tell a new story. A story where with each telling we don’t visit our absent past but instead our most present future. All that we’ve done speaks largely of a tremendous misapplied potential. Often we hear people say that if we but acknowledge nature’s perfection that it will be a just, sustainable and balanced world… this is true. But this is only the beginning. By understanding nature’s limitless beauty and perfection we can take our selfsame potential and maximize nature’s relationships into something the world has yet to see. Something nature herself has yet to experience. Indeed, the Earth has been waiting for us to help it to this new state where mankind’s momentum manifests humanity’s dreams into a state of positive action. For this we were made. Through permaculture principles applied to the world and yogic principles (union with the divine) applied to ourselves the lock holding in nature’s greatest moments will easily fall away. The marriage of humanity’s awareness with the rest of creation will be a grand and well-attended event and people are already starting to arrive…


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