Only in Love

Even as angelic voices open, intuitively interweave and make a garment of harmony warming all in the room, so too do we impart our intonations to the world. In aggression, it is aggression we orchestrate. In passive aggression we sabotage and sacrifice our highest good. In depression scarcity abounds and no amount of wind can fill our sails. In hatred all of the wood we’ve saved for winter burns in an absent instant. Only in love can we lead with love. Only in love will we witness our divine dreams birthed in our holy hands. Don’t wait for a partner to fall in love, for you may just as easily fall out of it, but rather lead with love in all you do and fall into it over and over and over again. Only in love will our angelic voices intuitively interweave and make a garment of harmony under which the whole world can be warmed.

Gratitude to Beautiful Chorus, sisters in our community and the weavers of a beautiful garment of harmony.

queen of night 7 (small)