I awoke with the sun last Wednesday amidst the usual concert of the 408 and birds that is my home. My morning communion with G-d behind me I thought of all of the important things I had before me. (When you live in a city even your to do lists are as tall as sky scrapers.) More beautiful than the sound of the family of woodpeckers outside was the news of dear friends birthing their own family. I looked again at the woodpeckers, smiled and thanked them for their kind foreshadowing. There are days our perpetual planning persists where we create what we think we need and then there are the other days we step outside of the mind’s old wine into beauty we can scarce comprehend. Beneath our dust-covered plans each day is the latter: a single seed latent with everything we need.

I’ve oft wondered whether my weak stomach could stomach a birth. Those who know me have witnessed me fall over televangelist style from much less. The best days, however, require us to leave behind everything we think we are. Our temporary notions of what we’re capable of, why we should or shouldn’t love, et cetera, are mind-forged manacles at best. I arrived at the scene of the birth humbly holding the kitchari I had made like my own baby of sorts. After embracing Jeffrey long enough to have the nurse come in two different times and give two different looks of bewilderment (there was a tv in the lobby where the men from the other births were after all) I attempted to control the concurrent conflicts of wanting to stay and feeling myself approach my limit where I would assuredly faint. While the full explanation of the amazing beauty that allowed me to stay would be quite lengthy, as I write it need only be known that it was the remembrance of the Creator through the recitation of the Gayatri Mantra that anchored me in my heart. In my heart I remained as we nurtured the one bringing the new life to Earth. I was shown how to massage and counter the contractions amidst my dozens of other questions as I witnessed Dani and Maggie in their element. So beautiful and moving.

When Haile Aurora entered the room I saw how all of history is a chain of profound births containing more strength than time, rain and rust can weather. Beyond what I previously felt was a deep ocean of understanding, I know now the sacredness that is female…

From the presence of that divine love and community that I watched this young life hold spell-bound around her, I ask myself now, “Am I living my life in accordance with my birth?” Something that is right or wrong for us is merely something that either is or isn’t in accordance with our birth.

When we become misaligned in life we must be reborn to the space of our heart.

“Am I expressing love as simply as I did when I was born? Am I receiving love without condition as I did when I was born?” Please guide me G-d and loved ones alike.

with Haile 1 (very small)

We make everything so complex, whats simple never changes.

I pray to the Divine Mother that as a man I may unlock my true strength in love and potential in life to birth something new yet deeply connected to the past through the sacred lineage of life.