And The Mind Will Be Afraid

You were not put here to love half-heartedly. the heart does not break. What you call breaking is the heart yearning to be listened to. The mind is afraid. With closed eyes it says, “I cannot see this love of which you speak.” The heart says, “You cannot come with me and hold onto where you stand.”


You are a divine instrument. All around you people have gathered. They await your music yet they do not await your music. They too are instruments. Nothing exists here for the mind’s comfort. There’s neither scripted sheet music nor rehearsed parts. Your heart knows the melody. Play and the sea of notes parts. The small spaces stretch as the divine dance encircles you. Be here surrounded by all you hesitated from. The mind will be afraid. You will be born again in the waters of that moment. True baptism must be earned.


The world is made manifest. It awaits and does not await your music. Each grain of sand that passes through this glass will not last. You were not put here to love half-heartedly.

fire heart