The Permaculture Ashram

In my travels around the globe I’ve been fortunate enough to witness tremendous beauties of a multifaceted sort. I remember fondly organic farms in Germany set amidst rolling hills where the morning mist would gather there in the valley. I remember beautiful examples of permaculture design in South West Florida that filled my eyes with green abundance and my mind with possibilities. In such moments I clearly knew our ability to heal the Earth. I realized too, that the most beautific world I could imagine, with towers of green touching clean skies, is possible with our own hands through a permaculture design. Whether growing food or building a home or a village Permaculture is a Vedic way of existing on this planet that must return.

I recall also Ashrams and spiritual communities around the world where Divinity’s melody was heard as equally in the voices of those around me as it as in my own heart. There was a zen monastery in Kamakura, Japan, were thousands of years of spiritual aspiration soaked my soul, a Hare Krsna Ashram in Medellin, Colombia where the only sounds spoken were ancient names for the divine, and a Yoga Ashram in Miramar, Florida, where the sunshine of sacred wisdom warmed my being and lit my path. In these places I could intimately feel human kind’s true home. I knew then as I do now, that humanity’s path would ultimately find an enlightened age, a sattwic age, once again. True Yoga, union with the Divine, will be at the very center of this holy communion. Through this science we are able to remove that which lies between us and ovur highest potential.



We are here for nothing less than to create this golden age and we have already begun. Simply the truth that these two dynamic systems, Yoga and Permaculture, are available to us in this age is a sign of humanity’s true yearning and G-d’s grace and love. However, it extends much further than Yoga and Permaculture healing ourselves and the Earth because these two divine sciences are one and the same. Yoga is Permaculture for the body even as Permaculture is Yoga for the land. Our task then in this time is to embody both as humanly possible.

The key element is ego-less synergy. This is because we all have elements of the Sattwic Age within us. These elements are within us in order to be expressed and the highest form of expression is sharing. I’ve been to many Ashrams in the world and have witnessed the use of toxins like bleach for cleaning and pesticides and herbicides for growing food. All highly tamasic substances supposedly growing sattwic food. These tamasic substances ought to be abandoned by us all if we seek lasting peace on Earth.

Similarly, I’ve seen many beautiful permaculture projects whose outward sustainability is contrasted by inward destructive tendencies of drinking, smoking and eating meat, all tamasic substances that promote suffering.

We all have done well in the opening of our hearts, the sacred healing of humanity… but we have only just begun. As we expand further into ourselves and embrace these two systems then fulfillment will be ours.

Consider the following example. In spiritual and religious circles it is common to hear talk of restoring divine masculine and feminine energies on Earth. In Yogic philosophy it is taught that we all have varying amounts of both. These energies move through the body in energy channels called Nadis (pronounced – Naahdees). There exists both a masculine and feminine Nadi alike, called the Pingala (pronounced – Peengahlaaah) and Ida (pron. – Eedah). These Nadis begin at the base of the spine and travel upward as they weave and intersect around the spine until they reach the nostrils. The left nostril is the Ida and is the lunar and feminine Nadi whlie the right is the Pingala and is the solar and masculine Nadi. It is the goal of Pranayama (pron. – praanaayaamuh) to balance these Nadis in order to awaken our Kundalini (pron. – Kunduhlineee) energy.

Just as in the Bible we were made from the Earth these two bodily energetic channels have earthly equivalents. The earthly equivalents are two rivers in Inida. The sacred Yamuna river is  divine masculine energy while the holy Ganga river is the divine feminine. It should come as little surprise that both of these rivers are highly polluted or, as is the case with the Yamuna, don’t flow at all for some portions during certain seasons. So it is, that while we philosophically discuss what has happened to divine feminine and masculine in the hearts of man and woman that the very rivers that represent them are polluted even as we seek to clean our internal equivalents. Quite literally our bodies and the Earth are one and the same.

Using yogic methods of pranayama we can purge the body of pollution in a profound way that we can feel. Using permaculture design methods of bioremediation we can bring life back in a profound way that we can see. Water is life and this life resides on the Earth and in our bodies alike. We needed differentiate between the two. In this time of great returning we are destined to remember the one Source that feeds all life.

The birth of the Permaculture Ashram has already begun. A safe place of peace and light amidst turbulence. May the world around you be a Permaculture Ashram even as your heart already is.

On my property we have taken the first steps in creating a Permaculture Ashram in the midst of the city. A place of G-d’s peace. The coming of the next Sattwic age is in our collective view and we shall claim it together.