Permaculture – An Ecological Rebirth

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When I woke this morning in my temporary home in Northeastern Ohio I could feel a certain excitement. The seasons here are just beginning to change and one can hear whispers of the coming spring in the natural world. This winter in particular has been cold and long, setting many records for coldest days. Indeed, the whole world is filled with excitement for the change that is upon us. In a mere few weeks the cold white snow and ice will give way to an explosion of green in an ecological rebirth of sorts as the sun’s warmth increases. As a permaculture designer and teacher I feel this representative of where we stand as ecological healers. We are in a winter of sorts in the world. It has been long and we have set records. However, there ┬áremains an undercurrent of excitement, especially in the permaculture world, as we are realizing the power of nature and therein our own power when we work with her. Despite many situations in the world that are difficult to tolerate, including many one should not tolerate at all, there is reason for hope. This is because regenerative systems, a desire for radical healing of the Earth and a return of brotherhood and sisterhood can be felt in the world around us. Even as the winter here is slowly giving way one can see our collective efforts of ecological and societal peace around the world budding in preparation for a grand blossoming that will take place in all parts of the world.

How then do you hasten the coming spring? By getting your permaculture design certificate. The inspiration, insight, ecological tools, perspective shift, knowledge and guidance you gain during a pdc are tremendous. You will leave knowing you are more capable to assist in the ecological rebirth we find ourselves in the middle of. In the future this knowledge will be taught as basic education to our children. Now we must seek it out. Our dear Earth needs your presence, action and attention. Instead of randomly attempting to do our best, the design science of permaculture will teach you how to magnify your efficacy by basing it upon long standing natural patterns and rhythms found throughout the world. Mycelium (the living intelligent network that fruits mushrooms) will eventually colonize a fallen limb in the forest. However, if we inoculate it this colonizing will happen much faster and more completely. So too will you eventually learn some of permaculture’s methods through random studies and sincere attempts. Imagine instead inoculating yourself with appropriate information and inspiration alike from qualified instructors. This is the difference a permaculture design course will make in your life. It will increase the warmth of your personal sun to help usher in humankind’s ecological rebirth from this cold winter. Sometimes I’m asked, why should I get my permaculture design certificate? The more appropriate question is always, why shouldn’t you?