What is there to be done?


As the sun awakes
ready rebirth’s rise
for creation’s sake
where do you fix your eyes?

G-d’s breath breathed in you
but briefly borrowed
the five elements too
In body shrine most hallowed

While the ancient ice melts,
land’s life leaves,
a rhythmic memory felt;
your ancestors’ timely dreams

Convenient hinderances
(plastic’s patient pollution)
will ripple with turbulence
in your heart’s evolution

With eyes beholding
sacred sights serene
this rhythm not withholding
offer G-d your dream.



Permaculture Design Course… in the Bahamas!

Join my team and I in the Bahamas at the wonderful Sivananda Yoga Ashram on Paradise Island! This is a 72-hour Permaculture Certification Course that will teach you how to design a world of abundance and bounty for all of life on Earth. Whether you desire to create community or create a village, have a small garden or produce all of your own food,  the wonderful wisdom of permaculture will guide you on your Journey. More information coming soon as well as a new website. Watch this space. In the meantime if you have questions please contact me at: richard@permaculture.guru or 330-235-9422

Lead with love!

Siva PDC '16