Ayuryoga Weekend – Kent, OH – late July

Course Flyer

Course Flyer

n this comprehensive course we will delve into the worlds of Ayurveda and Yoga beyond what is typically discussed in any yoga class. These two systems are ancient healing arts and when combined one receives tremendous insight on how to use one’s yoga practice medicinally. Learn how to navigate the health trends of the world, find out what yoga asanas (postures) are best for you and which you should not do, which breath exercises to use during which seasons and which foods fit your individual dosha (bodily constitution).

This class will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to take your practice far deeper and how to bring great joy and peace into your life. Classes may be purchased individually or as a package in which case a discount is offered.

Please click the above flyer for more information including time, location and prices.

Om shanti

One thought on “Ayuryoga Weekend – Kent, OH – late July

  1. Hi Richard this is Vicktoria we met at the kent co-op last summer. I was a yoga tacher at one love and had the long dread locks. I can no longer get a hold of you with the number or email you gave me. Im looking for a Ayurveda consultation and would really love if we would connect again, Thank you ! Namaste

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