Introduction to Permaculture – Indiatlantic, FL – May 23

5/23 Saturday – Introduction to Permaculture at Aquarian Dreams

Whether talking about growing as much food as possible, green building (e.g. cob, bamboo), making your own energy or how to heal the Earth; Permaculture’s positive perspective will give you the tools you need to learn how to design a bountiful and abundant world based on nature’s perfection. In this 2-hour class we will study the core basics and frame work of this ecological design science.. The methods and ideas discussed in class will be immediately applicable to your life and living space. Topics include: best ways to grow your own food, what is truly sustainable energy, how to integrate your living space and landscape like an ecosystem, community, how to become more resilient, rainwater, greywater and so much more. Join us for a fun and educational introduction to this profound Earth saving system!
Cost: $20
Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Richard G. Powell is a certified and experienced permaculture designer. He teaches classes on individual subjects throughout the country in addition to teaching several internationally-recognized permaculture design courses each year. Amongst many other subjects he has studied design in Japan, organic horticulture in Europe, Bamboo architecture in Colombia and Cob architecture in the US. He is the founder of Orlando Permaculture. More at:

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