Morning Meditation

This morning’s sunrise meditation, set there beside the Neem tree stately growing, saw morning’s moisture collecting upon open-handed leaves. The leaves’ open heartedness welcomed every molecule of moisture, gave them a place of rest and an opportunity to gather themselves there on green pews. At the tip of each leaf where the once separated edges join purpose, the water vapor previously scattered becomes something greater than itself as dew’s droplets form. So is it that the many culminate into the One. Without the leaf this holy mass marriage could never be. What does the leaf say as the water arrives then departs? Does it feel used, sad or insignificant? No, rather it enjoys the presence of the water, its sacred lover, for the time it is there, thankful for every moment. As the drop approaches the leaf’s end it acknowledges the divine sharing, looks over the edge and lets go. The leaf neither remorses nor laments but rather bows with gratitude as the water, now a drop, touches upon the ground to nourish the roots that in turn nourish the leaf.

So is it that every act of bold love done without expectation, every good deed, every compassionate caress given and each and every exchange of personal will for divine will returns from whence it came.


Regarding Potential

How countless the conversations are that elaborately enumerate mankind’s destructive résumé. This story is well told and available in every language. Let’s begin to tell a new story. A story where with each telling we don’t visit our absent past but instead our most present future. All that we’ve done speaks largely of a tremendous misapplied potential. Often we hear people say that if we but acknowledge nature’s perfection that it will be a just, sustainable and balanced world… this is true. But this is only the beginning. By understanding nature’s limitless beauty and perfection we can take our selfsame potential and maximize nature’s relationships into something the world has yet to see. Something nature herself has yet to experience. Indeed, the Earth has been waiting for us to help it to this new state where mankind’s momentum manifests humanity’s dreams into a state of positive action. For this we were made. Through permaculture principles applied to the world and yogic principles (union with the divine) applied to ourselves the lock holding in nature’s greatest moments will easily fall away. The marriage of humanity’s awareness with the rest of creation will be a grand and well-attended event and people are already starting to arrive…




If I could hold you in my arms I would wipe the sweat from your brow and the tear from your eye. Tomorrow’s triumph shall be sweeter than yesterday’s dream and your heart will once again pound, open and love. You can cease your trembling for there is neither foe nor fight save your own doubt and hesitation. Lay down your so-called conveniences and listen: they are but convenient hindrances. Humanity your greatest moment awaits you still. No bird sings a melody more intoxicating than the bold beauty that exists in your breast. The clock on the wall is wrong as it is always the moment to do what is right. The Age of Enlightenment is no more specific a point than the instance of your recognition. It is the fruit that ripens at the time of your greatest hunger. Your eyes are the eyes of the homeless man, the starving child, the lonely businessman but more so the ambitious dreamer whose dreams are followed by right action. In these eyes the hunger is inescapable and the fruit of your longing more ripe than ever. The only way to grab it is to believe you can.

Divine Ratio

A beautiful Sunset

Sunset, Satellite Beach, FL

If sounds are waves then countless oceans meet our ears daily. Some of these waves are ridden intently by our attention while most are unknown to us like the homeless who inhabit our streets. Our ears are always on. Never do they pause in their reception. Our words, which didn’t exist moments ago, echo eternally to the ears of others. Always they return to us. Think momentarily of the plethora of mundane and topical words one utters in a day, how many people in turn there are living on one street, on a block, in a city, a traffic jam, a nation, a continent, the world… Consider the number & variety of conversations that are underway, internal, external, music on the radio, phone conversations, mp3 players, computers, television, many exponentially multiplied by through media… all simultaneously overtly overlapping and covering the silence of the world. Each of these countless words rings timelessly through the world sharing its spoken intent and becoming a single component in a great ratio of all words spoken. A ratio which dictates the type of world we live in. We yearn for a more peaceful, just and, balanced world yet we still use our old language. We are doing the same equation over and over with the same numbers and are therefore bound to the same answer. If indeed we desire a world filled with the Creator’s intent then we need to abandon superficial talkative tendencies and exchange them for a language that waters the seed of highest potential in all of us. When our words enter at last into the divine ratio where our highest intent is made manifest through our language then it will finally be on Earth as it is in Heaven. This is a sacred task and your are here to partake in it either knowingly or unknowingly but the power of sound and your words is both innate and inescapable regardless. Sound travels far and has great inertia. There exists no pollution like sound pollution. The state of the world reveals to us the quality of our words.


To be considered: what music am I filling the world with? When I speak do I boldly speak from my heart or do I passively assimilate into a conversation? With every sound you release into the world contemplate whether it contributes to this divine ratio. Words of the divine ratio emanate always from the heart, not passively but boldly. If you listen, pause, breathe and accept you will know what to say. Have faith: your words are needed.