Permaculture is what will inevitably bring our race back into balance with the Earth and one another. It is a highly respected form of “garden engineering” that focuses on understanding nature, plant relationships, and the way in which all components of a given piece of land can synergistically work as a whole living ecosystem. These systems are not only beautiful but are more resilient than so-called traditional systems.¬† I’m a certified and experienced permaculturalist and avid life-long naturalist with both domestic and international design experience. A thorough design will maximize the individual elements and create superior productivity and savings in your system, whether its a garden or business. Services I offer include:

Consultation – having a professional visit your house and/or site will give you a tremendous amount of time and energy-saving information. Where should one plant a tree? What species should it be and why? Place a garden? A rain barrel? What can one do to increase the energy efficiency in one’s home using affordable nature-based designs? Where is my water flow and how can I best capture it? To ward off termites?… These questions are only the beginning of the benefits of having a qualified permaculturalist visit your home. Through my travels around the world and also my experiences here domestically I’ve learned so much about the subtleties of abundant designs that I LOVE sharing with individuals.

Site Design – An elaborate Broad Scale Site Design drawn specifically for your property. This details the entire layout of your yard, house itself, or even both. This includes basic detailed information like your water sectors, heat sectors, wind sectors but also includes complex designs for making your space an unparalleled urban paradise! An experienced permaculturalist can dramatically increase the efficiency in your landscape and home saving you precious time, energy and money. This will also decrease your environmental footstep while increasing the natural beauty of your property and home. All of this AND you will be producing more food. Turn your property into nothing short of your personal Eden!

Installation – A beautiful, efficient and self-maintaining system can be installed on your property. I recommend beginning with a consultation to see what your property needs, what resources it has, what limitations it has, et cetera. Once these have been identified we can discuss what would really make your property unique and sustainable. Elements I install include, but are not limited to: Rainwater catchment, Greywater filtration and landscape irrigation, outdoor showers, bat houses, food forests, organic gardens, butterfly gardens, meditation gardens, chicken coops, and more. Please contact me to see what I can do to help you create your own urban abundant paradise.

My general fee is $50/hour. I work quickly and efficiently and will save you more money than you will pay me and you will have a more fruitful and efficient landscape.

For more information please send an e-mail to: richardgpowell at or call me at 407-six25-5355

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